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Asahikawa, located in the near center of Hokkaido at the traffic point of Hokkaido sightseeing is a town of top class dining even by Japanese standards where cereals and culinary plants grown with high quality water, the produce from the sea of Japan and the Sea of Okhotsk and meat such as beef, pork and lamb from the outskirts are gathered. Please come to eat a variety of dishes in Asahikawa!

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Asahikawa Tourist Information

8 points of interest in Asahikawa
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■ Important traffic point, gathering area of
 food stuffs
Being in the near center of Hokkaido, it is connected to all points of Hokkaido and food is brought in via airport, railway and major roads.

■ Asahiyama Zoo is very popular.
Asahiyama Zoo is popular as the first zoo in Japan where you could see animals being raised in an open-like environment that was near to nature. It changed the display and the breeding methods for zoos in Japan.

■ Let's visit Daisetsuzan National Park!
In recent years Daisetsuzan National Park has attracted attention as the biggest natural park in Japan, . It is one hour by car to the highest peak in Hokkaido, Asahidake. You can go to Kurodake in the most famous hot-spring town in Hokkaido, Sounkyo by car in 1 hour and 15 minutes.

■ Easy access to Furano and Biei!
You can go to Furano-shi and Biei-cho that are famous for lavender and rural scenery in one hour by car or train.

■ Town of woodwork furniture
Asahikawa is where the outer areas are covered by rich forest and the furniture made in the outskirt area boast of high quality material, refined design and functionality and are accompanied by the Asahikawa furniture brand.

■ Medical town
With Asahikawa Medical College Hospital, Asahikawa Red Cross hospital, Asahikawa public welfare hospital, Asahikawa Municipal hospital and more general hospitals, many specialty medical institutions are located making a full medical system. There are medical institutions that are accepting of foreign patients for examinations.

■ Asahikawa Ramen village is a popular
Asahikawa, the treasure house of meals has intense ramen competition, and there are a lot of ramen restaurants here that are even famous throughout Japan and Asia. It is a ramen village where the popular restaurants are gathered in one place.

■ The local brew of Asahikawa is popular
Otokoyama Shuzo, Takasago Shuzo, and Godo Shusei are the three major brewers producing famous sake.


< Character of Asahikawa city : Asappy >
< Character of Asahikawa city : Yukkirin >

 Konnichiwa! Welcome to Asahikawa near the center of Hokkaido. It is the major point of traffic of high quality ingredients.
Speaking of Asahikawa! It is a place filled with charms such as the Asahiyama zoo which is said to have drastically changed the face of Japanese zoos, it's the town which recorded the lowest temperature in Japan, it's the town of the medical forefront of kind care, it's the town from which it's convenient to go to the popular Daisetsuzan National Park which is the biggest national park in Japan, and it's the town of Asahikawa furniture which utilizes the neighboring high quality forest lumber.

 In addition, Asahikawa is considered a top-class town of dining even by Japanese standards where great ingredients are gathered such as cereals and culinary plants grown with high quality water, marine produce from the surrounding Pacific Ocean, Sea of Japan, and Okhotsk Sea, and meat such as beef, pork, and lamb from the outskirts. Please come to eat a variety of dishes in Asahikawa!
Keep in mind that it is a vast area, so make sure to make a detailed travel plan when you decide on a destination. That is best strategy when it comes to Asahikawa!

Asahiyama Zoo

Construction is progressing smoothly until the completion of the Brown Bear Hall (tentative name), which is scheduled to open in the spring of 2022.
Please look forward to the completion of the first new facility in about nine years at Asahiyama Zoo!

[Park Open Times]

April 29 - October 15, 2021 9:30 a.m. - 5:15p.m.
October 16 - November 3, 2021 9:30 a.m. - 4:30p.m.
November 11, 2021 - April 7, 2022 10:30 a.m. - 3:30p.m.

※The park is closed between April 8 to April 28, 2021 , between November 4 to November 10, 2021
 and between December 30, 2021 to January 1, 2022.

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Mogumogu Time ■ Mogumogu Time
This is the time when the staff feeds the animals and explains their characteristic behavior.

●Availability: all year
Night Zoo ■ Night Zoo
The opening hours of the park have been extended until 9:00 p.m. to allow visitors to see the nighttime expressions and behaviors of animals that are usually difficult to see.
This is a great way to see the animals in a different light than during the day.

●Availability: August 10 - August 16, 2021 9:30am - 9:00pm
Penguin Walks ■ Penguin Walks
The purpose of this event is to relieve the lack of exercise for penguins during the winter.
The unique movements of the penguins as they walk on the snow are a must-see.

●Availability: Mid December - Late March (times may change
depending on snow conditions)
Bright Snowy Zoo ■ Bright Snowy Zoo
The Nighttime opening in winter is held at the same time as the Asahikawa Winter Festival.
This is a special event where you can see animals come alive in the park surrounded by ice candles, a sight only possible in winter.
Opening hours will be extended to 8:30 p.m. during this period.

●Availability: Early February , 2022

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Enjoy the high-quality powder snow in the largest skiing area in Northern Hokkaido.

The high speed gondola can reach the top in just 8 minutes.
In the depth of winter there are icy trees around the mountaintop, and attractive scenery from the various courses.

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Facility name: KAMUI SKI LINKS
Address: Nishioka 112, Kamui-cho, Asahikawa-shi, Hokkaido
Regular holidays: none during season (planned operation from December 1st to March 31st)

【Number of courses】25 courses 【Difference in elevation】601m
【Longest course】4,000m 【Lifts】6 facilities
【Rental】skis, snowboards available 【Snowboard park】available
【Parking】3,000 spaces available

How to access:
  • By car from Asahikawa Station for approximately 40 minutes, from city hotel by shuttle bus.
  • It is approximately 60 minutes by direct bus from Asahikawa Airport.

Tourist Information Center

In Asahikawa-shi, there are 5 tourist information centers. They are located in the Asahikawa JR Train Station, in the Asahikawa Airport, at the Asahikawa food terrace in the central city area, at Asahikawa Zoo the most popular zoo in Hokkaido, and at the roadside station called Michi no Eki Asahikawa with the food court full of Asahikawa's fine cuisine and Asahikawa and Douhoku produce.

■ Asahikawa Tourism Product Information Center
3-1, Miyashitadori 8chome, Asahikawa-shi
(Asahikawa JR Station east concourse)
8:30a.m.-7:00p.m. (There are changes by season)
Closed: December 31 - January 2
※ Staff who speak English and Chinese are present.
Asahikawa Tourism Product Information Center

■ Asahikawa Airport general guidance
16-98, Higashi 2sen, Higashikagura-cho, Kamikawa-gun
(Asahikawa Airport first floor arrival lobby)
From 8:45 to the arrival to the last flight, Asahikawa Airport general guidance
Asahikawa Airport general guidance

■ Asahikawa General Tourist Information Center
Asahikawa Food Terrace 2F, 5jo-dori 7chome, Asahikawa-shi
Closed: December 30 - January 4
Asahikawa General Tourist Information Center

■ Asahiyama Zoo Sightseeing Information Center
Kuranuma, Higashi Asahikawa-cho, Asahikawa-shi
(Inside Asahikawa Zoo)
Summer Open Hours 11:00a.m.-4:00p.m.
Winter Open Hours 11:00a.m.-3:00p.m.
Asahiyama Zoo Sightseeing Information Center

■ Roadside station Asahikawa Tourist Information Center
1-12, Kagura 4jo 6chome, Asahikawa-shi
10:00a.m.-5:00p.m. (There are changes by season)
Closed: The first Wednesday of every month
Roadside station Asahikawa Tourist Information Center

Asahikawa's Highlights

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Asahikawa Dining

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Events of Asahikawa

※Event content and schedules are subject to change, so please inquire in advance.

Asahikawa Summer Festival Asahikawa Summer Festival
[Early August every year (cancelled in 2021)]

The opening is kicked off with Doshin Noryo Fireworks Festival, a citizen's dancing parade, a miniature shrine and festival cars and line of dancers, more over Taisetsu 3-6 Festival, Yosakoi Soran Dancing Night, and Disco Night. Variety of events are held in these 3 days with full of passion.
Kita no Megumi Tabemarche, food festival Kita no Megumi Tabemarche, food festival
[Middle September every year (cancelled in 2021)]

A huge food market stretches for approximately 1.5 kilometers from the front of Asahikawa Station.
Locally loved food connected to Asahikawa, Northern Hokkaido and Asahikawa Airport are gathered together, and can experience the flavors of the north and Hokkaido which are the supply base of various, rich meals.
Winter Garden Winter Garden
[Mid January- Mid February, 2022]

Around Asahikawa JR Station, you can enjoy skating or snow banana boat. At the skating rink of the station square open space, we have equipment rental, without reservation, you can even try if you show up empty-handed (Just make sure you're protected against the cold).
Asahikawa Winter Festival Asahikawa Winter Festival
[Early February, 2022]

Other than large snow statues boasting one of the world's largest scale size, there are attractions that both adults and children can enjoy including the ice slide measuring 100 meters in length. In addition, night fireworks, and shows of light and sound are the highlights, too.

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Transportation/Access(Please check each company's website for the latest information.

■ Asahikawa Airport

Domestic (regular service)
  • Tokyo(Haneda)→Asahikawa(ANA/ADO, JAL)
    06:45a.m. → 08:20a.m.
    07:45a.m. → 09:25a.m.
    10:40a.m. → 00:20p.m.
    11:15a.m. → 00:50p.m.
    02:15p.m. → 03:55p.m.
    02:55p.m. → 04:35p.m.
    05:15p.m. → 06:50p.m.
    05:45p.m. → 07:25p.m.

* For the updated schedule, please refer to Asahikawa Airport website. Asahikawa Airport website

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■ JR Asahikawa Station

New Chitose Airport-Sapporo-Asahikawa
New Chitose Airport--45 minutes--Sapporo--1 hour 25 minutes--Asahikawa

Furano and Biei Norokko-go train (seasonal service between Asahikawa and Furano)

[Operating Period]
  • Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays on July 10 - September 20, 2021

[Train Timetable]
Bound for
Departing Asahikawa Arriving at (Departing)
Departing Lavender fields Arriving at
No.1 Train 10:00a.m. 10:30a.m. 11:10a.m. 11:31a.m.
No.3 Train (1:09p.m.) 1:43p.m. 1:59p.m.
No.5 Train (3:11p.m.) 3:42p.m. 4:02p.m.

Bound for Asahikawa Departing Furano Departing Lavender Fields Arriving at
Arriving at
No.2 Train 11:53a.m. 0:15p.m. 0:50p.m.
No.4 Train 2:05p.m. 2:27p.m. 3:02p.m.
No.6 Train 4:11p.m. 4:39p.m. 5:19p.m. 5:45p.m.

■ Highway bus, Regular bus

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Destination Bus Stop Number Bus Line
To Asahiyama Zoo 6 Asahikawa Denkikidou Bus【41,47】
To Asahikawa Airport 9 Asahikawa Denkikidou Bus【77】
Dohoku Bus【79】
To Asahidake 9 Asahikawa Denkikidou Bus【66】
To Sounkyo 8 Dohoku Bus【81】
To Shirogane Onsen 9 Dohoku Bus【39】
To Biei 9 Dohoku Bus【40】
To Furano 9 Furano Bus【Lavender Gou】

  • To Sapporo  [7]  Highway bus Asahikawa-go
  • To Obihiro [8]  North Liner
  • To Kitami [8]  Limited express Sekihoku-go
  • To Kushiro [8]  Sunrise Asahikawa,Kushiro-go
  • To Monbetsu [8]  Ryuhyo Mombetsu-go / Limited express Okhotsk-go

■Asakuru Pass

This is a great value ticket allowing you to ride the regular buses of Asahikawa city as much as you like! The regular buses are great for sight seeing in the city.

1 day ticket : adult 1,200 yen, child 600 yen
2 day ticket : adult 1,800 yen, child 900 yen

Participating bus companies: Asahikawa Denkikidou, and Dohoku Bus (There is a route that is partly unavailable.)

Asakuru Pass(Front)

Asakuru Pass(Back)

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Asahikawa Local Area Map

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Climate in Asahikawa

  Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec. Year
Average temperature
-7.5 -6.5 -1.8 5.6 11.8 16.5 20.2 21.1 15.9 9.2 1.9 -4.3 6.9
69.6 51.3 54.0 47.6 64.8 63.6 108.7 133.5 130.9 104.3 117.2 96.6 1042.0

Major tourist cities in Hokkaido

Bus lines connecting Hokkaido

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